Jo Stanley

JO STANLEY 2018 headshot

Jo Stanley

Since being discovered performing stand-up comedy in a dingy pub sometime in the early 2000’s, Jo Stanley has become known for her warm and honest style of content. She spent 12 years in breakfast radio, breaking records and taking 2 shows to Number 1. In 2017, Jo left FM radio, and since then has enjoyed sleeping past 3.45am, and being a lot cheerier for it.

She now co-hosts The House of Wellness TV on Channel 7, hosts The House of Wellness Radio nationally on the Nine Entertainment Network, and is the creator and presenter of the podcast, Best of You in The House of Wellness. Clearly, wellness is important to Jo, but so is champagne and ice cream - you gotta have balance.

You also need to have outstanding time management skills, because a huge part of Jo’s days is spent building Broad Radio – a radio station for women, by women. Jo never thought she’d be a startup founder, but during Melbourne’s extensive lockdown in 2020, her frustration at a lack of radio stations catering to women’s interest in in-depth conversations that are relevant to them, inspired her to do something about it. She is now the CEO, Content Director and co-host of Broad Radio, which currently streams live 1 hour per week, 9am on Tuesdays, on Facebook and YouTube. You can also catch up via their podcast Broad Radio On The Go. Jo’s vision for Broad Radio is for it to change the media landscape, so that we hear the full diversity of women’s voices and stories. So watch this space! Because Jo is about to enter a Crowd Source Funding raise, which will mean you can invest in Broad Radio to become a fully-fledged radio station, available 24/7 via a digital platform – available at your fingertips! 

In the meantime, Jo also writes a funny and truthful column in the Sunday Life Magazine. And for the kids, she wrote the Play Like A Girl book series. She also is an outstanding MC, speaker and workshop facilitator, and an accredited executive coach. Jo is ambassador for Smiling Mind, patron for Wellsprings for Women and patron for the Lighthouse Foundation. 

She is passionate about gender equality, kindness, social justice and mindfulness. She loves her daughter Willow, her husband Daz, running, meditation and the Collingwood Football Club, but don’t hold that against her.