Professor Kirsten Benkendorff

Marine Scientist

Southern Cross University

Kirsten Benkendorff's website

There’s evidence that people can be happier and healthier if they regularly eat seafood. However, we can’t produce healthy seafood if we don’t look after our estuaries and oceans.

I’m a Professor of Marine Science and love inspiring students with my passion for marine biodiversity. I mentor students in evidence-based research and lead multi-disciplinary teams investigating the value and vulnerability of marine resources. My research focuses on the nutritional and medicinal properties of marine species and how these are impacted by a range of environmental stressors, including climate change and pollution. To date, my research teams have produced over 150 scientific papers.

I work with the fisheries and aquaculture industry, government agencies, traditional owners and community groups to find solutions to environmental problems. My contributions to science have been recognised in several awards including Young Australian of the Year for Science and Technology and the Australian Academy of Science Dorothy Hill Award for marine and earth science.

I’m hoping my ongoing research will influence policies on water quality management and pesticide regulation, in order to keep our seafood safe and healthy.

I am keen to collaborate and connect with community to share my knowledge. So, look me up if you want to learn more about marine biodiversity and what we need to do to protect it.

Professor Kirsten Benkendorff is a Superstar of STEM.