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Globally trusted and recognised experts in nanoscience and technology

Our mission is to transform our economy, society and everyday life through multidisciplinary research in nanoscale science and technology.

At Sydney Nano, we like to say that the next giant leap is seriously small. Revolutionary changes in science and technology have opened access to the nanoscale and together we are tackling some of the most challenging problems faced by humanity.

With combined expertise from across the University’s disciplines and access to purpose-built facilities, our research is taking nanoscience to new levels. As a multidisciplinary institute, we foster and enable research and education across all faculties, in a way that would not be possible through traditional university structures. 

Our mission is to discover and harness research at the nanoscale, and this is something we have developed further in 2019. Our research is impacting a variety of areas including manufacturing, energy and the environmenthealth and medicine; and communications, computing and security