The Science & Technology Australia STEM Ambassador Program connects STEM professionals with their local MP to help bridge the gap between science and government in Australia.

For more information check out the Program Outline and the Statement of Expectations



Bridget Archer | Bass

David Smith | Bean

Andrew Laming | Bowman

Ed Husic | Chifley

Libby Coker | Corangamite

Richard Marles | Corio

Emma McBride | Dobell

Kristy McBain | Eden-Monaro

Bert van Manen | Forde

Daniel Mulino | Fraser

Brendan O’Connor | Gorton

Dr Katie Allen | Higgins

Dr Helen Haines | Indi

Melissa McIntosh | Lindsay

Warren Snowdon | Lingiari

Terry Young | Longman

Dr Anne Webster | Mallee

Milton Dick | Oxley

Mark Coulton | Parkes

Luke Howarth | Petrie

Dr Fiona Martin | Reid

Dan Tehan | Wannon

Dave Sharma | Wentworth


Senator Hollie Hughes | New South Wales

Senator Perin Davey | New South Wales

Senator Rex Patrick | South Australia

Senator Janet Rice | Victoria

Senator David Van | Victoria

Senator Rachel Siewert | Western Australia

Senator Slade Brockman | Western Australia

Science & Technology Australia STEM Ambassadors represent electorates across Australia and have been matched with their local MPs from the political spectrum who have expressed a desire to build stronger scientific networks.

The program encourages the involvement of science in Australian politics and aims to put science and evidence-based policy on the national agenda.

Each Ambassador will meet regularly with their local MP to build associations between Parliament and the broader STEM sector. It enables federal politicians to gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Australia.

STA advocates for evidence-based, science-informed policy. The STEM Ambassador Program helps to connect our national decision-makers with scientific experts who can give them direct access to research, data and evidence.

STA supports and empowers STEM professionals to become effective advocates for their sector, to make positive change, and to use their work to help build better policy and shape Australia’s future.

Our 24 STEM Ambassadors come from a wide range of science, technology, and engineering mathematics professions, representing a range of sectors.


Catherine King | Ballarat

Trevor Evans | Brisbane

Julian Hill | Bruce

Maria Vamvakinou | Calwell

Ged Kearney | Cooper

Sharon Bird | Cunningham

Tim Watts | Gellibrand

Tim Wilson | Goldstein

Philip Thompson | Herbert

Clare O’Neill | Hotham

Joel Fitzgibbon | Hunter

Brian Mitchell | Lyons

Mike Freelander | Macarthur

Rebekah Sharkie | Mayo

Karen Andrews | McPherson

Graham Perrett | Moreton

Sharon Claydon | Newcastle

Trent Zimmerman | North Sydney

Julie Owens | Parramatta

Patrick Gorman | Perth

Julian Simmonds | Ryan

Tanya Plibersek | Sydney

Zali Steggall | Warringah

Peter Khalil | Wills


  • Photo Heskett, Alicia
    Alicia Heskett
  • SarahChapman_min
    Sarah Chapman
  • Photo McAllister, Ben
    Dr Ben McAllister
  • Photo Cuin, Tracey Ann
    Dr Tracey Ann Cuin
  • KennethSilburn_min
    Kenneth Silburn
  • Photo Acres, Robert_min
    Dr Robert G. Acres
  • Photo Caldis, Susan_min
    Susan Caldis
  • Professor Helen Blanchard – VC_s research awards-2018_min
    Professor Helen Blanchard
  • SimonMutch_min
    Dr Simon Mutch
  • Photo Chesterfield, Jim
    Jim Chesterfield
  • Photo, Lussini Vanessa
    Dr Vanessa Lussini
    Dr Tara Roberson
  • Photo Staib, Gregory
    Dr Gregory Staib
  • Photo Skelly, Deanne
    Associate Professor Deanne Skelly
  • Photo Burton, Rachel_min
    Professor Rachel Burton
  • Photo Hollands, Jennifer
    Dr Jennifer Hollands
  • Photo Withford, Jo
    Jo Withford
  • Photo Lin, Brenda_min
    Dr Brenda Lin
  • Photo Lintern, Anna_min
    Dr Anna Lintern
  • Photo Russell, Alex_min
    Dr Alex Russell
  • Photo Tadgell, Ben
    Ben Tadgell
  • Photo Beilby, Kiri_min
    Kiri Beilby
  • PeterHowley_min
    Dr Peter Howley
  • SSSI
    Dr Charity Mundava


If you have any enquiries about the program please contact:

Peter Derbyshire, Policy and Projects Manager

(02) 6257 2895 - info@sta.org.au