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Join more than 225,000 scientists and technologists from 140+ member organisations - add your voice to our call for better support for science and technology in Australia!

As a peak body, membership of STA is open to associations, societies and other Australian organisations which represent or have a strong interest in science or technology.

New members must be nominated by one existing member and approved by the STA Board.

There is no joining fee. Annual fees are determined by your organisation’s purpose and structure.

If you are a scientist or technologist looking to be involved in our programs and events, you will need to be part of an organisation that is a member of STA. You'll find a list of member organisations here.

If they are not a member of STA, you should encourage your society, association or organisation to join.

For more information on joining, contact our Director of Events and Membership on (02) 6113 0781 or visit our contact us page.