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Superstars of STEM is a game-changing Australian initiative to smash gender assumptions about who can work in science – and transform women’s visibility in STEM. In its first few years, it has made an early powerful contribution to help tackle the serious under-representation of women in these fields. The program equips brilliant diverse women with advanced communication skills and opportunities – in the media, on stage and in schools. The result: we’re growing a critical mass of celebrity women scientists inspiring our next generations.

STA has a strong commitment to ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement in our programs. We release a report on the impact our Superstars are having every 6 months. On International Day of Women and Girls in Science in 2022 STA released a full evaluation report on the Superstars of STEM program.

Impact report Evaluation report


Exceeding expectations, our 150 Superstars have achieved the following since 2017.

93 million

people reached through media in last six months

6 100+

media mentions


now have stronger leadership skills

33 000+

kids engaged
(see map for locations)

Find out more about the Superstar program and how to apply to become one of the next Superstars of STEM.

Meet the Superstars of STEM and request a speaker for your school or next event.

Working with participants over two years, the program strives to;

  • Support 60 women employed in a range of roles in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to become highly visible public role models;
  • Build the public profile of 60 women employed in STEM through training in public speaking, media and communicating with influence and through creating opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills;
  • Empower participants to share their story and their work with general audiences by equipping them with advanced communications skills and an understanding of traditional media, social media and story-telling.
  • Smash imposter syndrome and build confidence in a range of professional settings, participants will learn how to communicate with influence, in their workplaces, in the media and with leaders and politicians.
  • Directly encourage young women and girls to study and stay in STEM, by program participants speaking with them in their schools and workplaces and by providing prominent public role models for them to aspire to.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the program through an iterative process of seeking feedback from participants and applying the lessons learned.

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To partner with us to promote these leading women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, please contact:

Sandra Gardam
Program Manager
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For enquiries about the program please contact:

Sandra Gardam
Program Manager
T: 02 6113 0780 | E:

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