ISA 2030 Report title graphic

STA submission: 2030 Strategic Plan

Science & Technology Australia (STA) were grateful for the opportunity to provide our perspective on the future of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research System. Read our Submission Innovation and Science Australia has been tasked with developing a Strategic Plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system out to 2030. This Plan will aim […]

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Open Letter for Science

As Australian scientists and technologists and their champions, we write to express our strong support for our international colleagues in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Collaboration with international counterparts, in all countries and from all backgrounds, is vital to the work of STEM. The common language of STEM serves as a bridge across cultural […]

2015 Scientists Remuneration survey report

Professional scientists remuneration survey – Report 2015

Professional Scientists Australia in conjunction with STA have released their 2015 survey results on remuneration for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workers in Australia. Their findings suggest that many STEM professionals are looking increasingly towards the international market for employment and that science-based organisations need to provide attractive recognition and reward strategies to ensure […]

Women in Science Report 2015

Women in the science research workforce report

The long awaited Women in the Science Research Workforce report is out and available in full for members. Outstanding women scientists are achieving at the highest levels, obtaining advanced scientific qualifications and taking key roles in the fields of science and technology. But across the board we all know that we are not making the most of the […]