National Research and Innovation Alliance

Uniting peak science, research and higher education bodies in Australia

STA is co-convenor of the National Research and Innovation Alliance (NRIA), which has the ultimate aim of securing bi-partisan support for strategic, stable, long-term funding of science and research and to put an end to stop-start funding models.

The group includes peak university bodies, STA, the learned academies, medical research peak bodies, and a range of other representative groups from the public and private sector.

The Alliance came into its own in 2015 with the successful campaign to save the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Without the fundamental agreement to core principles we had already made, the collective capacity, connections and commitment of members, led by STA and the Academy of Science, the campaign would not have succeeded.

The Alliance is committed to seven fundamental principles:

  1. Investing strategically and sustainably.
  2. Building our research workforce – getting and keeping the best.
  3. Building a productive system and getting the most out of it.
  4. Being among and working with the world’s best.
  5. Bringing industry and academia together.
  6. Expanding industry research.
  7. Investing in our best research and our best researchers.