Dr Alice Jones

Resilience Ecologist

The University of Adelaide

The threat of climate change to ecosystems and societies can feel overwhelming. I research the impact of climate change on the environment, but also find ways to reduce impacts and increase ecosystem resilience; building hope for our future through solution-focused science.

Coastal wetlands are often seen as muddy, mozzie-infested swamps! I am working hard to ‘re-brand’ these amazing places through sharing how they help to reduce climate change by absorbing and storing huge amounts of carbon.

Having grown up in London, I am extremely privileged to now live and work on Kaurna land, which is home to many unique and stunning marine ecosystems. I have a PhD in marine ecology from the UK’s National Oceanography Centre and am employed as a Lecturer in Resilience Ecology at the University of Adelaide.

I love using technology to support my science, whether through satellite sea temperature data, high-resolution images from drones and underwater vehicles, animal tracking data, analytical chemistry techniques, or high-performance computing for statistical modelling. By demonstrating how I use these tools to support my research into environmental resilience, I can engage and inspire women and girls from all backgrounds to get enthusiastic about the value of science and technology.

Dr Alice Jones is a Superstar of STEM.