Associate Professor Michelle Harvey

Associate Professor in Forensic Science; Associate Head of School (Curriculum)

Deakin University

Blowflies: annoying, dirty, spreading disease and infesting our sheep. But beneficial as nutrient recyclers, helping solve forensic cases, and critical in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Assoc Prof Michelle Harvey is the blowfly’s biggest supporter and is focused on turning their reputation around. Associate Professor in Forensic Science and the Associate Head of School (Curriculum) in Deakin’s School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Michelle holds a PhD/Master of Forensic Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours) from University of Western Australia, and a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts from University of Queensland. She heads a medical entomology laboratory and has produced numerous articles in the sphere of blowfly biology and its role in forensic science and medical/veterinary entomology. She also directs curriculum for a highly diverse academic tertiary department.

Michelle is a passionate scientific communicator, involved in outreach to public groups since2000. Further she has promoted her science across numerous forums such as Soapbox Science, Raising the Bar, television and radio, and mentoring.

She has been a Sir Keith Murdoch Fellow (American Australian Association), a Churchill Fellow, a Rotary Ambassadorial Fellow, a state finalist for Young Australian of the Year in Science and Technology, a Bioscience Lecturer of the Year nominee and the Western Australian Woman of the Year (Science), all recognizing her passion for science.

Electorate: Corio
MP: Richard Marles