Photo Tadgell, Ben

Ben Tadgell

3rd Year PhD Candidate

University of Melbourne / ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Light is everywhere around us and is a fantastic source of clean, renewable energy. More than ever we need to understand how to use this as effectively as possible.

Ben is fascinated by the science of materials that harness the energy of light. He works at the Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science, as part of a team of chemists, physicists and engineers developing brand new materials for solar power, photocatalysis, efficient lighting and chemical sensing.

Ben is in the final year of his PhD, and in his own research he designs chemical sensors using nanotechnology. These sensors harness light energy in a very specific and controlled way, which allows us to detect when there are toxic levels of common pesticides in the air. The technology will be used to ensure that crops such as strawberries are farmed safely.

Prior to his PhD, Ben completed his Master of Science at the University of Melbourne and worked in the chemical industry as an account manager for businesses in manufacturing and water treatment.

Electorate: Wills
MP: Peter Khalil