Caitlyn Broberg


Caitlyn Broberg

Process Engineering Team Lead

ExxonMobil (Mobil Refining Australia)

Have you ever wondered how fuel is made? Or what molecules give jet planes the energy to fly, enabling us to travel thousands of kilometres in only hours?

Throughout her 10 year career as an engineer at Altona Refinery, Caitlyn Broberg has uncovered the answers to these questions, through experiences such as climbing multi story distillation columns, supporting restart of the fluidized catalytic cracking unit, and coordinating pipeline transfers to deliver vital fuel supplies to the local Victorian community.

Now, as the Process Engineering Team Lead, Caitlyn is responsible for developing the next generation of engineers and equipping them with the required skills to solve the fuel and energy challenges of the future.

Caitlyn holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne and is passionate about promoting inclusion and diversity in industry, inspiring young women to take up engineering as a career, and developing the next generation of engineering leaders. She also enjoys a variety of hobbies such as ballet, long distance running, exploring the great outdoors and relaxing at home with a good book!

Caitlyn Broberg is a Superstar of STEM.