Associate Professor Caroline Tiddy


Associate Professor Caroline Tiddy


The University of South Australia


Have you ever considered where the elements essential to building green energy technologies (e.g. photovoltaic cells) are from? The answer is mining. However, with an increasing adaptation of green technologies the demand for elements needed to build them, such as copper, is rising. For example, global copper reserves will deplete as early as 2045. We need to find more of these metal deposits, which is a task akin to finding a needle in a mountainous haystack.

Developing new sensor and geochemical technologies for more efficient and environmentally friendly exploration to meet the global demand for critical metals is the focus of A/Prof Caroline Tiddy’s research. Caroline is an Associate Professor in Geosciences at the Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia and is conducting her research under the auspices of the Mineral Exploration Cooperative Research Centre (MinEx CRC). She holds a Masters (2001) and PhD (2005) in Geoscience from Monash University.

Caroline is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. She is engaged in research focussed on understanding the enablers and challenges of women within geosciences to inform workplace and organisational strategies to create gender supportive career programs essential for improving gender equity.