Dr Dhani Dharmaprani

Biomedical Engineer

Flinders University


Despite the vastness of our universe, consistent motifs can strikingly be found throughout nature. One such motif is the spiral, demonstrated through swirling galaxies in the Milky Way, whirlpools in the ocean, and deadly tornadoes. However, the presence of spirals still remains a mystery in one of the most fundamental biological systems: the heart.

Spirals in the heart occur during a condition known as cardiac fibrillation, which is a significant disease that affects 1 in 4. Understanding how and why these spirals lead to fibrillation is therefore key to treating this prevalent disease.

To unravel this mystery, Dr Dhani Dharmaprani uses maths and numbers to help her model and understand their behaviour in the heart. This work has led to Dhani becoming winner/finalist for 6 international and national early-career awards, and 3 major research grants in the last 2 years for approximately $2 million, currently being used to develop state-of-the-art therapies for patients suffering from cardiac fibrillation.

Above all else though, Dhani is a passionate science communicator and most honoured to use her voice to help advocate for women in engineering/STEM through her involvement in public forums like Fresh Science as well as various outreach activities.

Dr Dhani Dharmaprani is a Superstar of STEM.