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Dr Amanda White

Dr Amanda White operates as the General Manager of Freelance Robotics, coordinating the RoboTradies program, and is Director of two automation companies: Industrial Robotics and Agricultural Robotics. She is a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and accredited supervisor. Amanda is available for consultation on the psychological and societal impact of the fourth Industrial Revolution, with an emphasis on strengths analysis.

In her early career, Amanda was placed at the RBWH Neuropsychology Unit, the Rosemount Hospital Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit, as well as the Griffith University Neuropsychology Unit. Amanda is an alumni member of Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services (CRS) Australia, following her work at the Brisbane Central Acquired Brain Injury and Mental Health Units.

Amanda has sat on the Leadership Board of the Queensland Robotics cluster to create and advance opportunities for our state industry-leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, start-ups, educators, government, and innovators. She co-chaired the 2022 Robotics Roadmap of Australia Skills Group, writing the Skills chapter for this publication.

Amanda was awarded a PhD working with the Griffith University School of Psychology, for which she received a full scholarship from the Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit. Amanda’s research interests include consciousness, internal representation, multisensory binding, time and other perceptual illusions.