Dr Deborah Bower

Bower, Deborah

Dr Deborah Bower


University of New England

Reptiles and amphibians can squirt blood out of their eyes in defence, push bones out of their hands for grip and drink through their feet. They are truly awesome. Researching how we can conserve these remarkable species for future generations is at the core of Debbie's work. She holds a position as a Lecturer in Ecosystem Rehabilitation in the Laboratory for Applied Zoology and Ecosystem Rehabilitation (LAZER) at the University of New England in Armidale, country New South Wales.

Debbie’s Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Canberra and she has since published over 30 scientific publications on the ecology and conservation of wildlife. Making science available to everyone is Debbie's goal and passion. This manifests in community frog hunts, frog life cycle dances for children and writing a weekly nature column for Fairfax Media. As a LGBTQI and Women in STEM activist, Debbie is working to increase equality in environmental science.

Dr Deborah Bower is a Superstar of STEM.