Dr Hannah Wardill

NHMRC CJ Martin Biomedical Research Fellow

The University of Adelaide

Dr Hannah Wardill is a dynamic medical researcher with a simple mission: eradicate the physical, emotional and financial burden of cancer and its treatment by providing personalised and proactive supportive care tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Hannah is motivated by the unmet needs of people with cancer, engaging regularly with consumer and advocacy groups to design innovative solutions to meet their evolving needs.
After her undergraduate studies, Hannah was captivated by the field of supportive cancer care and astounded at the lack of supportive care resources available for patients. She completed her PhD in 2016 and has since secured an NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship to develop new methods of predicting how individuals will respond to treatment. She hopes to use this information to match specific treatments to specific patients.

Hannah has published over 40 peer reviewed articles and numerous public media pieces focused on the gastrointestinal side effects of chemotherapy (e.g. diarrhea) with the hope of creating an open dialogue about the 'shitty' side effects of cancer therapy. Hannah's contribution to the field of supportive care and medical research has been widely recognised, and she has been named the MASCC International Young Investigator, SA Young Achiever and Qiagen Microbiome Award winner.

Dr Hannah Wardill is a Superstar of STEM.