Dr Jessica Allen


Dr Jessica Allen


University of Newcastle

Dr Jessica Allen is reinventing the way we produce energy and materials. As an electrochemist and engineer, she applies her expertise to future-critical technologies including fuel cells and batteries.

Dr Allen has worked across several spheres, including industry, where she was a professional engineer in a technology start-up company. Her unique experiences have made her capable of envisioning commercial pathways for innovative new technologies. This, along with her ability to collaborate with industry and other research organisations, makes her a technology development powerhouse with crucial skills to allow sustainable decarbonisation of our world.

Dr Allen is a recognised expert in the production and use of hydrogen, including green hydrogen generated using renewable energy sources. Her fundamental PhD work in this area has been complemented by projects within her research group which generate both hydrogen and sustainable materials. Her academic work includes over 30 publications which have been cited over 400 times from institutes in 24 countries globally. She is also dedicated to providing the community with information about future energy technologies through national news interviews, regular radio appearances, technology explainers, podcasts and online news articles.