Dr Jiao Jiao Li


Dr Jiao Jiao Li


University of Technology Sydney

As a biomedical engineer working in regenerative medicine, Jiao Jiao envisions a future where stem cells and their derived products can be ‘personalised’ to provide optimal treatments for major diseases. Her current focus is on developing a regenerative therapy for osteoarthritis – a debilitating joint disease affecting hundreds of millions of people, old and young across the globe.

Jiao Jiao’s research has produced over 35 publications, enabled by her roles as a NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Lecturer at UTS, and chief investigator on the ARC Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering. Her training came from a combined Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours I with University Medal)/Medical Science (2010) and PhD (2015), both from the University of Sydney.

Jiao Jiao is a passionate science communicator. She frequently volunteers for outreach programs to promote STEM and her field to the younger generation and public community. Born and raised in Beijing, she is also a strong advocate for women with culturally diverse backgrounds in research.

Jiao Jiao is equally passionate about contributing to the research community, notably through the OARSI Young Investigator, AAS EMCR Forum RepNet, and ASMR NSW committees, among others. She has also received the AWTRS Young Investigator Award (2019) and Endeavour Research Fellowship.