Dr Jiao Jiao Li


Dr Jiao Jiao Li


University of Technology Sydney

As a biomedical engineer working in regenerative medicine, Jiao Jiao envisions a future where stem cells and their derived products can be ‘personalised’ to provide optimal treatments for major diseases. She is currently developing a regenerative therapy for osteoarthritis – a debilitating joint disease affecting hundreds of millions of people, old and young across the globe.

Jiao Jiao’s research is enabled by her connections with universities, collaborators, industry partners, and patient groups. She loves bringing people together from around the world with different backgrounds, cultures, skills and experiences to jointly solve medical challenges, and passing on the passion of creating STEM solutions to the next generation.

Jiao Jiao’s work has attracted a prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) fellowship, and career achievement awards from national societies in matrix biology (MBSANZ) and wound/tissue repair (AWTRS). She is also a chief investigator on the $7M Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering. She was trained through a combined Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours I with University Medal)/Medical Science and a PhD from the University of Sydney.

Jiao Jiao is always passionate about volunteering for outreach programs to promote STEM and her field to the younger generation and public community. Born and raised in Beijing, she also strongly advocates for women with culturally diverse backgrounds in STEM research.