Associate Professor Joanne Jamie

Associate Professor

Macquarie University

Associate Professor Joanne Jamie uses chemistry and STEM engagement to provide transformative opportunities for university students and communities. As a natural product and medicinal chemist at Macquarie University, she has worked in respectful partnership with Aboriginal Elders of Yaegl Country for over 20 years. Together they have preserved rich cultural knowledge on medicinal plants and gained a deeper understanding of the scientific basis of their medicinal properties, and they have increased recognition of the importance of Australian Aboriginal STEM knowledge through co-authored publications and public events, including the highly acclaimed Indigenous Science Experience @ Redfern.

As a best ethical practice extension to this research, Joanne and the Yaegl Elders established the National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP), which uses Western and Indigenous STEM to enhance educational outcomes for Indigenous youth. Joanne provides university students with the capacity to contribute to NISEP and other STEM engagement programs for rural, refugee and Indigenous youth. In 2019, the NISEP team received the inaugural Australian Museum Eureka Prize for STEM Inclusion.

Joanne is committed to sustainably growing NISEP and building partnerships so more youth across Australia can reach their full potential. She also wishes to inspire others to use chemistry to make tangible positive differences within the community. Joanne invites you to partner with her to use chemistry and STEM education as an equaliser and enabler.

Associate Professor Joanne Jamie is a Superstar of STEM.