Dr Kari Pitts

Dr Kari Pitts

Senior Chemist and Mineralogist


Forensics, that’s like CSI right? In real life things are sometimes a lot harder. This is the world of Dr Kari Pitts, reporting Chemist in the Physical Evidence Team of ChemCentre’s Forensic Science Laboratory. Her expertise is analysing remnants of everyday life left behind at crime scenes; paint, glass, gunshot residue, soils, fibres and textile damage, and anything else that isn’t biological, a drug or radioactive.

Dr Pitts holds a PhD in Forensic Chemistry, a Masters in Forensic Science from the University of Western Australia (2009) and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) from Curtin University (2003). She has been working at ChemCentre for over 12 years, has reported over 300 cases and given expert evidence in criminal trials in Australia and New Zealand.

Kari is passionate about her science, regularly volunteering her time and expertise for community engagement and science advocacy programs. She was the 2016 Royal Australian Chemical Institute WA’s Bayliss Youth Lecturer, is a member of STEM Professionals in Schools, and has been a guest speaker at schools across Perth, as well events such as Perth Science Festival. Kari is an active member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, including the 2018 symposium.

Dr Kari Pitts is a Superstar of STEM.