Dr Kylie Soanes

Research Fellow

The University of Melbourne

Saving wildlife in cities is challenging – space for nature is scarce, full of bright lights, noisy cars, and hard surfaces. Yet there is huge potential for our urban jungles to support native plants and animals, and even help save them from extinction.

Kylie Soanes is a conservation biologist with her sights set on saving species in cities and towns.

Whether it’s helping city councils plan corridors that move animals safely through cities, or working with architects to build designer houses for one of Australia’s largest owls, Kylie is always looking for new ways to help nature thrive in urban environments.

Kylie is based at the University of Melbourne where she completed her PhD in 2015, building rope bridges to help endangered possums cross busy highways. She now leads the Shared Urban Habitat Project through the National Environmental Science Program where she works with industry and government to develop a strong evidence base for urban conservation.

Kylie shares her passion for nature conservation with broader audiences through the media such as The Conversation, The Guardian and ABC Radio National, public talks and her research blog.

Dr Kylie Soanes is a Superstar of STEM.