Dr Marian Wong


Dr Marian Wong


University of Wollongong

Dr. Marian Wong is a marine biologist based at the University of Wollongong who investigates the sex and social lives of fishes. Her fondness for all things fishy started from a young age when she spent holidays snorkelling and diving on some of the world’s most beautiful reefs.

Since graduating with a Bachelor in Zoology from the University of Cambridge UK and a PhD from James Cook University in Australia, she has spent over 15 years pioneering investigations into the reproductive and social behaviours of fishes, including conflict, cooperation, group-living and mating systems. Together with her collaborators, her research has led to a deeper understanding of why animal societies evolve and how they can remain stable despite conflicts between individuals, which has direct implications for our own societies. Marian currently studies fishes that live on the coral reefs of Australia, in the Great Lakes of Africa, and in the humble ponds and streams of the University of Wollongong campus!

Throughout her journey, she has also witnessed many threats facing fish populations, including climate change, over-fishing and invasive species. These experiences have spurred her investigations into how behaviour can influence the resilience of species to environmental change, and her advocacy for the need to protect aquatic biodiversity. She asks that you join her in speaking out about the importance of biodiversity and threats to our environment, whether this be via social media or simply when you talk to friends and family – we need biodiversity in order to survive and thrive, and your voice can make a difference!