Jessica Pritchard

Senior Manager Customer and Network Coordination

Transport for NSW

Jessica is passionate about girls in STEM and using mathematical skills in non-traditional areas, such as the mining and construction industries. Jessica has a Bachelor of Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts, and a Master of Business Administration, all from the University of Newcastle. Jessica was previously employed as the Strategic Pricing Manager at WesTrac, the NSW Caterpillar dealer. She is now the Senior Manager, Customer and Network Coordination at Transport for NSW.

Jessica’s job description has not ever been simply ‘Statistician’or ‘Mathematician’. Instead, she’s been an Analyst, Demand Coordinator, Research Officer, Operations Superintendent and Customer Service Manager. None of these titles highlight her STEM education, but Jess’ career progression has shown that there are so many opportunities and career paths available with a STEM background. After all, STEM is all about solving problems.

Jessica has frequently collaborated and presented at various forums, such as with the STEM Industry Schools Partnership, University of Newcastle Girls in Stem and Hunter Pi in The Sci group.

Outside of work, Jessica is the mother to two little boys, who love nothing more than utilising their counting and Lego building skills.

Jessica Pritchard is a Superstar of STEM.