Karlie Noon

Superstar of STEM Mentor and Superstar of STEM Alumna

Astronomy Ambassador
Museum of Applied Arts and Science

Ms Karlie Alinta Noon is a Gamilaroi astrophysicist with over a decade’s worth of experience in science communication. She has extensive knowledge in Indigenous heritage and STEM education and is passionate about making STEM, including Indigenous knowledges and values, accessible to everyone. Karlie is co-author of the award-winning book Astronomy: Sky Country and is currently undertaking a PhD in astrophysics at the Australian National University. Karlie’s research uses radio telescopes and simulations to explore the chemical and dynamic characteristics of cold clouds emanating from the Milky Way’s nuclear wind.

Karlie Noon is a Superstar of STEM. Karlie was part of the Superstars of STEM 2021 cohort.
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Karlie Noon is also a mentor for the 2023 Superstars of STEM cohort.