Dr Kelsi Dodds


Dr Kelsi Dodds


Flinders University

How do our stomachs know when they are full? Why do our bladders suddenly tell us to have a nervous wee? What is it about chilli peppers that upsets our bowels? These are the types of questions Dr Kelsi Dodds aims to solve through her multi award-winning research, on the ways in which sensations in our organs talk to the brain.

Kelsi is most passionate about understanding how pain signals are detected by female reproductive organs, like the uterus. This is important, because conditions that cause pelvic pain – such as painful periods and endometriosis – are very common, poorly understood, and often unsuccessfully treated.

In addition to her research, Kelsi proudly advocates for women’s health by delivering educational seminars on pelvic pain. As a mum-of-one, she also leads initiatives to improve the experiences of people with caring responsibilities at her workplace.

Kelsi is an early-career academic and head of uterine physiology research in her current position at Flinders University, after receiving her PhD from the University of Adelaide in 2018. She has authored & peer-reviewed publications, secured $200k in funding as chief investigator, and contributed to a patent that developed a novel medical device to treat pelvic pain.