Dr Kelsi Dodds


Dr Kelsi Dodds


Flinders University

How do our stomachs know we’re full? Why do our bladders suddenly tell us we need to do a nervous wee? What is it about chilli that upsets our bowels? As a neurophysiologist, these are the types of questions I try to solve.

I’m passionate about understanding how pain signals are detected by female reproductive organs, like the uterus. This is important, because conditions that cause pelvic pain – such as painful periods and endometriosis – are very common, poorly understood, and often unsuccessfully treated.

My goal is to fully understand these bodily systems, which will underpin the development of better treatments for female pain conditions. I have already contributed to a patent for a new medical device to treat pelvic pain, which is currently undergoing clinical trials.

In addition to my research, I’m a teaching specialist in physiology at Flinders University and a proud advocate for women’s health, delivering seminars on pelvic pain. I hope that by educating the next generation there will be more timely diagnosis and treatment of female pain. As a mum-of-three, I also lead initiatives to improve the experiences of people with caring responsibilities at my workplace.

Dr Kelsi Dodds is a Superstar of STEM.