Megan Born


Megan Born

Engineer and Data scientist


How can data help solve climate change, and generally make the world a better place? This is the question at the heart of Megan’s ambition, and has characterised the progression of her career to date.

During her school days, Megan not only loved maths and chemistry, she was also concerned about the growing potential impacts of climate change. Wanting to work on a scale of ‘trucks’ instead of ‘beakers’, she studied chemical engineering and began her career as a metallurgist and worked at sites across Australia troubleshooting blocked pipes, learning sampling techniques with units of ‘buckets’ and measuring refractory wear at a smelter. Having spent the last ten years with Energetics advising some of Australia’s largest businesses, and returned to tertiary study in the realm of data science, Megan now uses her on the ground experience to work with emissions intensive business to understand the risks posed from climate change and to identify decarbonisation pathways.

Megan holds degrees in chemical engineering and science (discrete mathematics) from the University of Melbourne, and a Master of Data Science from the University of Western Australia, and is currently working towards her PhD in data science also at UWA.