Dr Melanie Zeppel


Dr Melanie Zeppel

Carbon Data Scientist

Carbon Link

Climate change is one of our most pressing problems, and Machine Learning and AI offer exciting new tools for increasing carbon sequestration by modelling soil and forest carbon. Dr Melanie Zeppel is using Machine Learning (ML) to address climate change, modelling ways of carbon sequestration. Using Machine Learning and AI to model soil carbon also helps improve biodiversity and drought-resilience.

Melanie has been working in climate change and plant and soil responses to drought for 15-20 years, which has given her a passion for addressing both climate change, and the careers of women in STEM. She is a keen advocate of increasing our dialogue on how we can reduce emissions and increase carbon sequestration.

Melanie is the Lead data scientist at Carbon Link, a company which measures soil carbon for land-owners working to improve their soil while also earning carbon credits. She was awarded 2022 Women in AI: Agribusiness, for soil carbon modelling using Machine Learning, as well as 2019 Scopus Researcher: Sustainability, for her research in the impacts of climate change, and policy solutions. She is passionate about supporting women in STEMM, a runner, and is the parent of two teenage daughters, and a sweet greyhound.