Michelle Ainsworth


Michelle Ainsworth

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Michelle Ainsworth is the Editor, Politics at the ABC.

She’s had a 30 year career in journalism, working in Sydney and Canberra for the ABC, as well as commercial radio and television.

At the ABC she played a key role on flagship programs such as 7.30 and AM, and led the Canberra Parliament House team that launched the ABC’s news channel in 2010.

Although Michelle has spent half her working life in the federal press gallery she did escape for a few years to lead the ABC’s local radio and news team.

In June 2022 Michelle was awarded a Public Service Medal (PSM) for outstanding public service in promoting the respectful use of the Ngunnawal language across ABC Canberra, and the broader contribution this has made to reconciliation in the community. This saw ABC Canberra become the first 7pm bulletin to acknowledge the country they were broadcasting from. It’s an initiative that’s now been embraced by all programming across the ABC.