Ms Meg Panozzo


Meg Panozzo

Senior Engineer


Meg is a senior engineer at Arup, leader and creator of STEM initiatives, and author and founder of blog Her Bold Universe. As an engineer, she plays a part in delivering major transport infrastructure projects across NSW and has worked on high profile projects across the state. She believes strongly in the vital role that engineering plays in shaping Australia and is on a mission to inspire and normalise women in STEM and to showcase engineering as a purpose-driven vocation. She founded Connect STEM in Arup to harness passion across the firm to attract and retain women in STEM and engineering.

Meg started her career as a graduate civil engineer in 2015, graduating with a double degree of Engineering and Arts from Monash University. She aims to work at the intersection of the two disciplines and to follow her creativity and curiosity. After starting in the workforce, she wanted to help other women create thriving careers, and so she founded blog Her Bold Universe with the vision to document her career in a way that might inspire and empower others.

In 2020 she was named one of Australia's Most Innovative Engineers for her work in creating ConnectSTEM and was also awarded Consult Australia's 2020 Future Leader Award.

Electorate: Wentworth
MP: Dave Sharma