Captured at MYRIOTA on 12 Aug, {iptcyear} by Rosina Possingham.

Nicole Russo

Director of Product

Myriota Pty Ltd

Imagine you have a brilliant new idea. It’s going to solve a problem that affects people’s everyday lives, and you know there's a market out there for your solution. You invest time and money, both yours and others, to bring the solution into reality. It comes at a huge emotional cost, but you know it’s worth the effort because the idea is good. You finally get it to market, but no one buys it.

Good ideas don’t automatically equate to good products; they eventuate from an understanding of the problem you are solving and the people that it impacts. By applying Design Thinking and a deep understanding of the customer’s need, Nicole Russo, Director of Product at Myriota, has led the development of successful products from conception and design, through to delivery.

With a degree in Information Technology (Software Engineering) and 20 years experience in Agile product management and development across defence, mobile, e-commerce, and IoT, Nicole melds technical expertise with empathy and a passion for excellence, to deliver high value, customer-focused solutions. A strategic and cross functional leader, she leverages her deep product knowledge and strong customer relationships to ensure long term competitive and strategic success.

Nicole Russo is a Superstar of STEM.