Priscilla Thwaites


Priscilla Thwaites

Autonomous Systems Lead

Defence Science and Technology Group

Some days working as a Crime Scene Investigator can feel like you’re living inside a cop movie and you don’t know how it’s going to end. There’s a plan to put a bomb on a plane and it’s your job to find the evidence that will help the detectives to prove it. Some bad guys have built an enormous drug laboratory and it’s your job to go in and safely decommission it and determine the chemical method they were using to make the drugs. Or you’re presenting evidence in court so that your scientific expertise can help the jury to reach their verdict.

For over 20 years, Priscilla Thwaites has been using science to help police detectives with their investigations. Sometimes, science helps to prevent crimes from being committed. At other times, science can help to prove or disprove a version of events. Priscilla has made a career of making the Australian community safer through science.

Priscilla has recently turned her skills to the defence of Australia working for the Defence Science & Technology Group. Priscilla is the Deputy Lead for the Remote Undersea Surveillance STaRShot, which means she is now kept busy looking underwater to keep Australia safe.

Priscilla Thwaites is a Superstar of STEM.