Dr Prue Francis

Marine scientist

Deakin University

Have you heard about Australia’s other remarkable reef? The Great Southern Reef? Stretching over 8000km along the southern coast, it’s a vital habitat and biodiversity hotspot that supports the livelihoods of coastal communities. The Golden Kelp, a hero of the reef, forms underwater forests that foster biodiversity and provide economic benefit.

Kelp forests are declining around the world. As a marine scientist, my work focuses on protecting and restoring these kelp forests, by developing innovative techniques to grow and replant young kelp. Through these efforts, we aim to not only preserve the health of the ocean, but also contribute to the well-being of coastal communities.

Join us in being a Great Southern Reef ocean steward! Support local conservation efforts and raise awareness about the crucial significance of kelp forests to help preserve this remarkable ecosystem. Together, we can make a positive impact on the health of the ocean and coastal communities that depend on it.

Dr Prue Francis is a Superstar of STEM.