Dr Prue Francis


Dr Prue Francis

Marine scientist

Deakin University

Would you consider yourself to be ocean literate? If you answered “no” to this question you are not alone, as globally, ocean education is lacking from formal education settings. To combat this, Dr Prue Francis is on a mission to improve this in Australia through her research, education and engagement initiatives.

A former high school teacher and now marine scientist and educator at Deakin University, Prue is exploring the extent to which ocean literacy is being taught in schools across Australia and evaluating innovative methods to enhance ocean literacy. Notably, Prue and her Deakin SEA.Ed team have been exploring ocean-themed picture books as a useful tool to educate school children about marine science. Subsequently, Prue has co-authored a children’s book, The Great Southern Reef (by Paul Venzo, Prue Francis; illustrated by Cate James) to promote ocean education in schools and raise awareness of Australia’s Great Southern Reef.

Prue regularly engages with community groups and is passionate about inspiring younger generations to be curious about life underwater. Prue visits schools to present her fun and engaging (not slimy!) Seaweed Matters incursions and champions ocean literacy on Melbourne’s independent radio station, Triple R.