Sally Hurst


Sally Hurst

Museum Education Presenter

Australian Museum

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I run the Found a Fossil project – a platform that provides information to the public about what to do if you discover a fossil, or an Indigenous artefact.

I grew up on a farm, so finding fossils wasn’t out of the question. But knowing what to do with them was. After completing my degrees in Palaeontology and Archaeology, I realised not knowing what to do with fossils or artefacts when you found them, was a real problem. So, through my Master of Research at Macquarie University, the Found a Fossil project was born.

My favourite part of my role is connecting with people from all around the country, showing off the incredible natural and cultural heritage we have in this country, and sharing how we can all play a part in protecting it. This love of communicating is supported by my role at the Australian Museum as an Education Presenter, and as well as on stage at international conferences, tours at the National Dinosaur Museum, and gigs at Sydney Comedy Festival.

I’m excited by the opportunity to be the role model to kids - of connecting with rural schools and communities to share science stories, and chat about all of the wonderful STEM opportunities that you can engage in!

So, if you’re interested in swapping science stores, from digging up dinosaurs, to diving with sharks, get in touch!