Sally Hurst


Sally Hurst

Museum Education Presenter

Australian Museum

Becoming a palaeontologist is the dream of just about every child at some point in their lives. But what if you could have made that dream a reality? A reality where you get to study fossils, megafauna, and DINOSAURS for a living?

Meet Sally.

Growing up on a farm where the closest city was over an hour away made the road to STEM careers and becoming a palaeontologist a little difficult. So, after finding her passion for the past through her work experience at the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra, Sally moved to Sydney to find a university where she could indeed study dinosaurs.

Sally completed her Bachelors at Macquarie University in Palaeobiology, and Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, and is now completing her Masters of Research in Science. While learning about the past has been a highlight, Sally’s favourite job is being able to get others just as excited about science and palaeontology, this encouraged through her role as a science communicator at the Australian Museum, and as a mentor for young rural girls through various scholarship and coaching programs. Sally would love to become the passionate role model in STEM for other young girls that she never had growing up.