Dr Sophie Andrews

Cognitive neuroscientist

University of the Sunshine Coast

There are currently no treatments which can prevent or slow the progression of any neurodegenerative disease, however, changes to lifestyle have exciting potential to protect the brain. Sophie, a cognitive neuroscientist and clinical neuropsychologist, is passionate about understanding how lifestyle can improve brain and cognitive health and reduce risk of dementia, and how to support people to change their lifestyle habits.

Sophie uses cutting-edge neuroscience techniques, like MRI, EEG and TMS, to investigate the effects of lifestyle interventions in older people.

Sophie completed her DPsych at Monash University in 2013. While working clinically as a neuropsychologist and seeing firsthand the impacts of dementia, she became driven to find new approaches to improve brain health. Sophie has been awarded a Huntington’s Disease Society of America Fellowship (2016) and an ARC DECRA Fellowship (2021), based at Monash University and UNSW respectively.

Sophie has two young children and recently she made her own lifestyle change by moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where she leads the Healthy Brain Ageing program at UniSC’s Thompson Institute.
Sophie volunteers to inspire the next generation as a CSIRO STEM Professional in Schools, and contributes to diversity in cognitive neuroscience via the ACNS equity and diversity working group.

Dr Sophie Andrews is a Superstar of STEM.