Sophie Gilbey



Water is the basis of life, which, as a proud Alywarr woman and Ecohydrologist means I study the interactions between the environment, water, and culture. This, I do from both a western science education, but also using the Indigenous science philosophy of caring for and understanding Country. I am currently living in Adelaide SA and working at CSIRO in the ecohydrology space as part of the Water Security group. I have worked on Country for a combination of nine years, learning what I could as an Indigenous ranger and as a stationhand in North-West QLD.

While I am fairly new to the formal science space – graduating from a combined science degree in 2021 - I was taught from a young age the importance of caring and respecting Country as well as the first peoples that walked it. Currently, I am a part of a team that is investigating the water use of floodplain Eucalyptus trees in the Murray-Darling Basin and working with First Nations groups from around Australia, having meaningful conversations about what science projects they’d like to see done on their Country.

Sophie Gilbey is a Superstar of STEM.