Sophie Gilbey


Sophie Gilbey



I am a proud Alywarr woman from North-West QLD, currently residing in Adelaide, SA. I have always had a special connection to Country and to nature in general. It is this connection that has lead me to take on different roles learning about the land and its processes.

I once held the position of station-hand, or Jillaroo - working on some of Australia’s largest cattle stations; but working the land. I then held the position of ranger, spraying weeds, educating tourists and students alike and caring for the land, instead of working it. It was these experiences of working on Country that inspired questions of how the natural world worked, thus inspiring a journey through higher education trying to answer my many questions.

Now I am on my way to calling myself a scientist (not quite there yet), where I am learning different ways that I can protect Country and all within, maintaining balance of give and take.