Tiahni Adamson


Tiahni Adamson

Wildlife Conservation Biologist

CH4 Global

Livestock burps majorly wound the health of our planet, and scientists have looked to the ocean to reduce detrimental emissions and keep cow burps at bay.

As the Lead Community Engagement Officer for CH4 Global, Tiahni is part of a dynamic team that research and foster sustainable seaweed aquaculture, with a goal of zero methane agriculture. As a Torres Strait Islander woman descended from the Kaurareg Nations of Thursday Island, and Wildlife Conservation Biologist, Tiahni works diligently on a variety of external projects to nurture country, find solutions to our climate crisis and advocate for First Nations justice and land rights.

Tiahni also lectures at UniSA, embedding First Nations knowledges into STEM careers; an Uluru Statement from the Heart Youth Leader and is the state coordinator for Seed - a First Nations only-run climate youth activism group. In 2019, Tiahni was trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, and has spoken to thousands of people at events all over the country the severity of our climate crisis, impacts of climate change on First Nations communities and allyship, opportunities to decolonise science and nurture country using traditional land management practices, and our individual ability to affect change.

Tiahni Adamson is a Superstar of STEM.