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Topaz Conway

Superstars of STEM Mentor

Starting my professional life in business development plus founding 2 small businesses in my 20’s (before ‘entrepreneurs’ were really a thing), I have built my work life around learning.

I have lived/worked both in the US and Australia, as a CEO, entrepreneur, investor and advisor, and found my passion with people who are solving big global problems and making the world a better place.  I have invested (directly and indirectly) in 100’s of companies and worked with the founders of many of these to help build their businesses.  Currently I serve as Chair of Investible Climate Tech Fund Investment Committee, Director of; Cicada Innovations, OmniTanker Technologies, Neuraura Inc; and UTS Foundation as well as invest privately and advise with multiple companies.

Promoting women has been my continual commitment for the past 30 years, culminating in co-Founding SBE Australia (Springboard) in 2012, helping women founders be prepared, find funding and gain confidence to grow and scale their businesses.