Solve it with Science

We face some big challenges as a community and as a globe, and we are eager to share the stories of inspiring Australians who are working hard to help solve them.

Learn how we will #SolveitwithScience and the vital role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics plays in our lives - and ask yourself, what role are you, your community, your business or your government playing in the solution?

If you have a story that you think needs to be shared, get in touch!

Textile Recycling

Nolene Byrne from Deakin University

Textile waste is second only to plastics, and it's important that we address issues like fast fashion and sustainable production in order to #SolveitwithScience. Nolene is looking for better ways to transform waste textiles into new materials, to be sued in clothing, medicine, manufacturing and more.

Art Conservation

Michael Varcoe-Cocks from the National Gallery of Victoria

Michael leads the conservation teams at the National Gallery of Victoria - and they draw from the latest in science and technology to preserve important artworks for future generations.

Their work means the stories and ideas told through art can be shared with Australians for decades to come, find out how they are solving issues of ethics and preservation using science.