Superstars of STEM - Eligibility To Apply For Scholarship

Science & Technology Australia is offering 20 scholarship places for applicants who meet the program selection criteria and prerequisites and are;

Part A:

  • Able to demonstrate inability to pay


Part B:

  • Representative of a minority group i.e. indigenous, LGBQTI, ESL, person with a disability, OR;
  • Working and residing in remote or regional Australia, OR;
  • Employed by a start-up that is no more than two years old, OR;
  • Within two years of establishing your own business.


How to apply:

  • Write a cover letter. No more than 1-page outlining:
    • Demonstrate how you meet the financial criteria outlined in Part A.
    • Demonstrate how you meet the scholarship criteria outlined in Part B.
  • Complete the Superstars of STEM online application form.
  • Pay the $50 application fee. You can have the application fee waived by emailing